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Re: child with cronic cough only at home

Yes, that is true about apiaries and bee keepers. I'm talking about people who have had major life threatening allergic reactions to bee stings, not people who deal with them everyday and get stung constantly.

On the cats, yes you can get shots for cat allergies. I have. Cat fanatic. But the way cat dander and fur sticks to clothing, I would suspect she would cough when out of the house too. My bet would be the natural cleaners. Natural doesn't not mean non-allergic. As an example, if she has a mild allergy to citrus and your cleaners are loaded with orange oil or other citrus based oils, she might be reacting to that in the cleaner. Have her sniff some and see if she coughs. Does she cough in the presence of the cats? If it's an environmental allergy you should be able to find it by having her sniff test it.

Many years ago the government decided to help out all the hay fever sufferers and they sprayed all the ragweed that grew on the sides of the road(since ragweed was the prime culprit in late summer/fall allergies). Well, in it's place has grown beautiful fields of Queen Anne's Lace...with those huge heads of delicate white flowers. My allergies got worse. So I started walking the streets of my town sniffing every plant I could find until I found the one...the one that made me sneeze and cough and wheeze. It was Queen Anne's Lace. There was no test for it and no shots so the only way I could identify it was go looking for misery.

So if it's an allergy in your home, you should be able to find it by having her sniff or inhale. I became allergic to one of my father's colognes. Sneezed every time I hugged him. Easy to figure out! So have her help you.

If you don't find anything then you've at least ruled that out as a possible cause and that will be one more part of the mystery removed. And she will feel that she is helping. That always helps to get the child involved. Makes them feel more in control. My daughter was really sick when she was 7 and had to have bone marrow tests and blood work done twice a week and severe restrictions on her movement. I did everything I could to make some parts of it her responsibility so she felt she had a little bit of control over a bad illness. Really helped her feel in command of her life and helped her get through a tough 2 years.

I hope and pray you find out why your daughter is coughing. It's so tough on the parents...I know. And she knows too. I hope you get to the bottom of this soon.

gentle hugs............Jenny(sick daughter is now 33)