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Re: Mold is making us sick???

I pray that the post's keep coming in!! On December 1st 2006, my husband, myself and 5 son's moved into a house that was built in the 1930's. Within a week of moving in I began getting very ill. This continued for 2 year's and worsened quite rapidly. My husband and children began getting ill as well and I knew there was something more than it just being me. Nobody believed me, not my family, friend's, doctor's...NOBODY! I thought for a while I had to be crazy but the worse we got the more determined I became to figure it all out! I could not sit here at the moment and give our entire story but I will say it was the worst experience of my life...OUR LIVES!

Let me tell you all this...The internet is only your enemy if you make it that! You can also make it your best friend and that is exactly what I did! I quickly learned that my DR didn't know crap! Nor did my family and friend's!

I became far more educated in mold and the body than anyone I have met or known personally! You name the effect and someone in my immediate family had it!! We were all fading...FAST! Something in me told me that if I stayed in that house I would die from it! I couldn't afford the private lab work so I followed a simple mold test that I learned on the internet...Leave and go to a sterile environment like a nice hotel room. Get new clothes to wear only in the room! Strip naked before you enter your room (1 person at a time) run to the shower and cleanse your body before putting on your new clothes! If you begin to feel better and then get sick when you go back home...IT'S YOUR HOUSE! If it's your house...GET OUT! We did exactly that! We ticked off a lot of people but my family matter's more to me than any ignorant fool who thought they knew it all and knew nothing!

Anyway, I had a 3000sqft home with 6 bedroom's! Every new item you could think of! I had just bought a leather living room set 2 week's prior to the final blow! My husband and I had great job's and money falling out of our ear's! My kid's wanted for nothing! We drove away with a car and 2 changes of clothing! We threw it all away! I would have felt guilty if I had given my thing's away and it made someone else sick! To sterilize my thing's and get the spores out would have been nearly impossible!

I talked to a DR who said that he had several patient's in our situation who had moved to Arizona and regained their quality of life and were able to begin the healing process! I said "I'm Gone"! I loaded up my kid's and we have been in Southern Arizona for 6 month's! We have not felt this good in year's!! I have learned a lot and have found many home remedies that are cheap! I have no regret's! We are happier than ever and we haven't been this poor in a decade!! We barely make it but we are healthier than we were!

I wish you all the best of health!!

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