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Re: Anyone else have agoraphobia?

I'm also agoraphobic. It started after I got married even though I was happy. For several months, I couldn't leave the house either. If we were in a loud restaurant or store, I'd have to leave. I couldn't drive for a long time either. I saw a shrink for awhile and got better. I now take Lexapro and Xanax. I'm able to drive on surface streets, but have developed a fear of driving on the freeway. I haven't seen a shrink in a long time. It's possible that you haven't been on the Zoloft long enough for it to reach its full effect. Or, maybe you need to change meds. Lexapro hasn't given me any bad side effects except for drowsiness when I first started taking it. I hope you find the right med. and you start feeling better. Sue