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Re: Don't know what is the best sunless tanning lotion to use??

I also got good color results from the Sublime Glow products, but the scent was pretty strong on me. I might have used a different one though AND I haven't used it for years, so I'm sure they have improved!

If you want natural looking color (just a subtle difference) definitely go for one of those gradual tanning lotions. I have NEVER messed up with these and don't get streaks or anything even if I don't exfoliate. I buy Ocean Potion Ever Glow (Walmart sells it) and it's only $4 for a very large bottle. Great price and the scent is much milder than some of the other products that have that funny self tanner smell. My only complaint is that it won't get you very dark (more subtle) and if I get sweaty during the day, the lotion seems to feel fresh again like you just put it on. I just get a tissue or something and wipe off any areas that feel wet from the lotion. Not too big a deal! Doesn't ever stain my clothes or anything and it dries pretty quickly for a lotion.

For darker color, I am a big fan of Neutrogena Micromist because it mists on, so no need to rub it in. VERY easy and fast drying. It's easy to get my back. It's usually hard for me to get my back with a lotion or gel. I just mist it on in the shower. The scent is more noticeable, but not terrible. I get the one that makes you 3 shades darker, but honestly, the results are still very natural on me and not too dark. Maybe I don't use enough!

Anytime using a product that makes you a lot darker, definitely exfoliate! The gradual lotions aren't as bad since they don't get too dark all at once. SHAVE FIRST. If you shave afterwards, all of the self tanner (or at least some) will come right off. That is wonderful that you decided to give these a try! I also used to tan at the salon and unfortunately these don't get me as dark (I used to go 5 times a week though and liked to be VERY dark), but I feel so much better not damaging my skin.