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Re: Mold is making us sick???


We have had almost the same problem but do not have any money to move. We had a rotten, moldy garage window professionally remediated (under the bedroom window) 2 years ago as we had a horrible smell as soon as spring hit that lasted thru till the fall and then was gone in the winter. The next spring the same thing happened and we called in an inspector who said their was moisture under the window. Back came the remediators who took everything apart and cleaned everything out and fogged the cavity. Guess what this spring -- back again worse than ever. Had the inspector come out again and he found no moisture and thought the smell might be coming from the gas cans in the garage below for the snow blower so we moved them out. Smell is getting worse. I then put 6 ml plastic over the wall outlets and a hole in the wall for a picture hanger on the side abutting the tub and shower in the bathroom and the smell seems to have gone away although it has gotten quite chilly again here so hard to tell. Also, when the central air is on the smell is gone I guess because of the air circulation. I am so afraid that there is a problem behind the tile in the shower as so far in this house we have spent over $40,000 on mold remediation. We had to have the basement and 1st level done 3 years ago because we have water intrusion occasionally and when we bought the house we had wood partititions down there and were too stupid to take them out when we found out about the water (the former owner who has since died had taken out the sump pump so we did not have a clue that water came in until a big storm put about 2" of water down there. Hubby had to open the sewer pipe to drain out the water. My neighbor said they did have a sump pump in there when they lived there -- how sneaky, right?

Ever since then I have been sick and my husband is showing signs of being ill. I just can't take anymore and have nowhere to go. All that is left is our credit cards - hubby's job doesn't pay that much. He got laid off and took a lower paying least he has one. I am sickly, had a mastectomy and am 71 and can't work. He is a bit younger than me and can't collect SS yet which will not be enough anyway with our bills. Mold has ruined our lives. What has been remediated is fine but we keep finding more other places. Can you imagine how much the bathroom would be if in fact that is where the smell is coming from. Sometimes it seems almost to be in the doorway which doesn't make any sense at all.

Thanks for letting me vent. Just wanted you to know also that I found out even though Arizona is dry there is a deadly mold in that state. I can't think of the name right now.....also be careful of mice and the Hanta virus. If you have a garage don't sweep it. Someone hubby works with is from Arizona and she told him she came here to get away from Arizona because of both of those problems. I think the mold problem has something to do with the a/c use but I am not sure.

Take care.