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Re: Mold is making us sick???

(1 of 2) Suggi,
Thank you very much for your reply! I did not know that about Arizona! I do know that there is mold here as well and there are thing's here that have made us ill at times. However, we feel 100 times better here than we did in Oregon and the sun and weather have allowed us to heal much faster than had we stayed. For the past three year's I was bed ridden most of the time. I lived at the doctor's! My kid's say "We lost our mom"! I couldn't do the simple thing's and going to sport games or school program's was impossible for me! I could no longer do birthday party's for my kid's or attend graduation's for my neices and nephew's! I felt as though I was a burden to all of those around me. My outside family member's advised me to snap out of it and said it was self pity and depression, (many DR's agreed). At times I thought that they were right. However, through it all something told me "NO"! "Your house is the culprit"! Here, although not perfect, I am regaining an ability to live again! I have more good day's than bad, in Oregon, it was more bad day's than good.
When I realized it was my house, we rented a motel room for several day's. Money was running out quickly. We then rented a brand new house across town. We were there a week and we did better than at my old house but still not well enough. I had found a new DR. about a year prior to the "mold explosion". They beleived me that I was sick and they diagnosed me with "Fibromyalgia". I alway's beleived this condition existed but had always felt that there was something that caused it. That sent me on a mission to find a common link between all of those I met who had it. And "BOOM"! Mold! Some knew they were exposed to mold and some didn't realize it until I pointed out that they had mold as well! Anyway, Once I knew "FOR SURE" that we had mold and it was the cause of my illness, I told my DR. He said "That's why we're here"! He said they couldn't go around saying it because there would be a great wrath against them by the medical field. They just treat the patient's as best as they can and hope for people to figure it all out. He informed me that once we are exposed, it is hard to recover in the same environment. On top of the mold, the small town we lived in was an industrial town. I live down the river from a paper mill! Well...I learned that paper mill's release Mycotoxin and Aflatoxin (among other's) into the air and many beleive that they are causing many odd cancer's in people! My neighborhood was greatly affected! After the "Mold Explosion" (when it got to it's worse and we all had severe effect's and realized it was mold) my husband and I went for a walk and visited with our neighbor's asking them about their health! We were blown away! Every Man, Woman, and child in our neighborhood had some sort of illness or ailment. My mother lived directly behind me. My step-father (20+yrs) was diagnosed with cancer that had riddled his body and he died 4 week's later. My mother remarried a very healthy man who lived 45 minutes away from us. Prior to moving in to my mother's house he had been given a clean bill of health. Less than a year later he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. A woman across the street from us had suffered many, many miscarages! I have a friend whose family lived in our area and I can not tell you how many of her family member's have died in the last 15 year's with different cancer's. Including a 26 year old cousin (Tanna). Tanna was captain of her cheer squad and later became the coach up until she fell ill. She was extremely healthy. She grew up in that area, married and bought a house near by. Tanna passed away with a rare liver cancer that they usually only see in 3rd world countries. Every home that I know of that they(family member's) lived in had "Musty smell", "Mold", and/or "Basement's"!
One thing to consider about basement's (besides the obvious) is that they are generaly under ground surrouned by dirt. Dirt is saturated with mold!
OK, on to the money you are throwing into the fire! We had bought our home through my mother. She had better credit and could get a lower interest rate. She took it upon herself to check into the purchase of this house and began the process. She then asked if we wanted to buy it as basically an owner carry. We agreed. Every penny for the purchase & remodeling was our's. When it came time to begin the process she refused to allow us in on the detail's and we were unable to make any decision's about the pre-purchase term's and agreement. Next, after the purchase, she refused to put anything in writing stating what the condition's were. We quickly realized that it was our money but never really our house. When we began investigating the history of the house, we found out that my mom never had an inspector come in before the purchase was final! This was 2+ year's later when we found this out! But, we didn't want to leave her with the payment so we kept chuggin' along. When I began to suspect that it was mold, I told her (as we were not allowed to deal with the insurance) and she refused to help us find out anything or push the insurance co. for help. The mold was there before we got there and I believed the previous owner's knew this. My mother wouldn't help us pursue that avenue either. The only help she offered was her advice..."Go back home, make the payment, get over it & shut up about it"! Meanwhile, my husband (who never complain's) and my children began falling apart as well! That was the straw that broke the camel's back! We were left with 2 choices...Stay and hope to get better (that hadn't worked in 3 years) or say "Screw it all" and walk away and let her deal with the house! It was the worse decision I ever had to make but we know it was the right one. As you can imagine we no longer speak to my mother but not much of a loss, she was very abusive while we were children and when we got too big to hit she played a lot of head games and went for the throat emotionally/mentally. Being away from her has given me a sense of freedom that I never knew existed! I don't mean to get into all of my personal stuff as I am generally quiet, private and I only like to speak of good especially when it comes to other's. I just really want those who may read this realize the extreme we went to in order to escape the devastating effect's of mold. Those who know us (church, friend's, etc.) knew that if we were willing to do all of this including walking away from my home when we were really tied to it, it must have been bad. We were the most financially prospeous in our family and we were the ones that everyone came to for help and we gave whatever was needed. We took in anyone who needed a place to go. We were a foster home and a shelter home to teenager's. We gave it all up for the sake of health! We lost our saving's in 3 month's by trying to fix the problem ourself. We really felt we had no other option than to walk away from it all. To take our belonging's was a big risk. The mycotoxin follow's you everywhere! We let it all go and walked away. But, even today, looking back, I stand by our decision. We left the house with a large appreciation value on it. I never would have tried to sell it because the toxin's in it are deadly especially to children and the elderly. We did home air quality test's that came back confirming that the level's of mold in my house were potentially lethal. There were more mold's in one petrie dish than that of what they had ever seen before! Even the lab said "GET OUT"!
OK, So here is a history run down to the start of it all. I am going to add another post telling you the rest as this one is quite long! LOL! Sorry! My hope is that this may encourage at least one other person to walk away for the sake of health & life!