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Re: child with cronic cough only at home

I guess because you said off and on for 2 years and now severe, it made me think of something that can be cumulitive, like mold. You can be somewhat fine for awhile and then bam, you feel like you will choke up a lung.

Talked to a couple yesterday who have had a few floods in their home (long story) and he is now starting to cough. It could have happened before you moved in and been cleaned sufficiently to the naked eye. Some are okay with this but others can be affected terribly. It can be in the walls where you can't see it. And you don't necessarily smell it.

If you are positive this is not the case, posts about cleaning fumes in the air sound possible. I just thought those natural products were designed to dissipate better but who knows? I'd try switching for awhile to see and testing for citrus allergies worth a try.

Hope you find an answer and your little girl gets feeling better soon.