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Re: child with cronic cough only at home

Originally Posted by trychocolate View Post
I guess because you said off and on for 2 years and now severe, it made me think of something that can be cumulitive, like mold. You can be somewhat fine for awhile and then bam, you feel like you will choke up a lung.

Talked to a couple yesterday who have had a few floods in their home (long story) and he is now starting to cough. It could have happened before you moved in and been cleaned sufficiently to the naked eye. Some are okay with this but others can be affected terribly. It can be in the walls where you can't see it. And you don't necessarily smell it.

If you are positive this is not the case, posts about cleaning fumes in the air sound possible. I just thought those natural products were designed to dissipate better but who knows? I'd try switching for awhile to see and testing for citrus allergies worth a try.

Hope you find an answer and your little girl gets feeling better soon.


Hmmm, no possible way to know if it's been flooded here before. Could have been some flooding in the basement if previous owner did not keep up on keeping the drain by the french doors clean of leaves and stuff. No sign of it though. Finished basement. I also did a REALLY stupid thing around 2 years ago, which would coincide I suppose, and left the utility sink to fill up to water the orchids, forgot about it and flooded the laundry room on the main floor and some of the water poured down the wall to the basement through a vent. It wasn't that bad and we shop vaccumed it right away and kept a fan on for days but ???? It's something to think about.

She's actually been a little better the past couple of days. Took her to the doc today and he said there is some swelling of the lungs according to her xrays and her nose is still a little swollen inside. I finally got her new mattress all fixed up with 2 layers of plastic encasements plus the mattress encasement cover it came with over that and then an allergy encasement sheet under the regular sheet, whew! Maybe this is helping. We'll keep on trying!

This is probably not related but I've noticed she does this weird thing with her left arm where she jerks it up toward her like bending her arm at the elbow really fast. Plus she jerks her head back sometimes when we are in the reading chair at night bonking her head on the back of the chair on purpose and she also does this bouncing thing on chairs when she goes to sit down. She'll be just sitting there and then all of a sudden she bounces on her bum several times. I've asked her why she does this and she is not able to describe what is going on. It started with her arm and I thought maybe it's something like RLS and she feels the need to stretch those mussels. I have RLS in my legs but it's much better now since I've been using a cpap machine.

Whew, that was a long one,
Thanks again by the way!