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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

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My husband died of small cell lung cancer 26 days after being diagnosed. He chose not to have treatment but Hospice instead. This cancer doubles every thirty days in size and is very aggressive. His tumor was grapefruit size when x-rays found it and had small quarter size tumors in both lungs all over. He never indicated he was in pain and at the end ran a high fever and coughed a lot. He quit eating down to just snacks about three days before passing. Less water is good so your loved ones don't feel like they are drowning in the excess fluid your lungs make with cancer. Keep on lots of pain meds towards the end. Oxicodone, moraphine, lorazapam, thorizine cream, are what I gave him. The day of his passing, he was sedated and went quietly in his sleep as I held him in my arms. He was 45 and the love of my life. I remarried a year and half later and now my current husband has colon cancer. I guess I'm in for the long road again. My prayers and peace to you all... This earth is a stepping stone to a glorious life with each other again someday... Keep talking of heaven and keep their spirits alive with hope for things to come... it really helps us all. Peace
my husband had small cell lung cancer. he lived 1 year 2 months. in my heart he was in little pain. and he went through chemo and radiation. and then months later it went to his stomach and they tried a clinical trial drug on him. he got to weak and was put on hospice and pass 6 weeks later. in his sleep. peacefully . but also my mom had lung cancer and she lived for 7 years. so everyone out there. hold on to hope . my thoughts are with you. disney world.