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Re: bone marrow and aspiration; high WBC low platelets

thanks for the thoughtful and informative reply.

yes, the bone marrow biopsy and marrow fluid aspiration lab work included

* myeloid disorder immunohistochemical analysis (no increase in positive blasts, < 1%)

* bone marrow morphology (hypercellular,myeloid hyperplasia, no evidence
of overt myelodysplasia or increased blasts)

* flow cytometry analysis for myeloid/lymphoid disorders and acute leukemia
(no evidence of acute leukemia or a lymphoproliferative disorder)

* fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH)
(no evidence of BCR/ABL rearrangement - the Philadelphia chromosome from
what I read; no evidence of 5 other chromosomal anomalies either)

It's still possible to have Philadelphia-negative CML, and I'll discuss this with my hematologist this week, but all in all, the report is very encouraging - at least for now.

My understanding is that I'll be characterized as MDS (myelodysplasia syndrome) which means - from what I can tell - that they don't know what's wrong, but my marrow is misbehaving (low platelets, high WBC).

I should know a little more after I speak with the hematologist, and yes, I will ask for a referral to get another opinion of the lab results - and my strange imbalance of blood cells.

FYI, I walked with a friend the other day (reasonably quick pace) for 2.5 miles, and today we covered 4 miles (about 16-minute miles), so even with low HGB I seem to have plenty of energy and capacity.