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Re: child with cronic cough only at home

Originally Posted by fufu View Post
I agree with Jenny. You should mention tourettes syndrome to your doctor.
A cough in a child is not always so easy to diagnose. Make sure your child has all the necessary tests done. She will need to have pulmonary function tests, and histamine challenge tests, and will need to see a doctor who specializes in asthma because she can have cva which is cough variant asthma. You will also need to see a respiralogist and an ent. Also get her rechecked by an allergist. If all these tests come back negative please know that some children do have "habit cough", does your daughter sleep through the night? or does the cough keep her awake? also, ask the ent if he can scope her and do a croup series, which is an xray which will show if her upper airways are normal.Good luck to you and your child, a cough is not so easy to diagnose.
Hope i was of some help.
Thank you. If things continue we will travel the road of tests you recommended. She does go to an asthma/lung specialist. He gave me Flovent to try if her cough does not continue to get better. Her cough has been better the past couple of days. Nothing has changed but the double encasement with plastic on her NEW mattress that I got her because I thought the cough started around the time I had gotten her a bunk board for her new bed 2 years ago. I had the bunk board covered with one layer of plastic encasement so I just don't see how covering the new mattress with 2 plastic ones could make a difference. I don't know.

The cough used to make it hard for her to go to sleep and would occasionally wake her up. That was about a month after the constant cough started and she was getting over a cold. Since then the cough is better but fairly constant during the time at home but like I said, her cough has strangely gotten better in just the past couple of days.

I will also follow up looking into the tics.

Thank you!

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