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Smile Certain foods and beverages wreak havoc on my skin

After years of embarrasing acne (mainly cystic acne on the cheeks, chin and jaw line), I finallly discovered the simple solution to my clear skin. This may not work for everyone, but it helped me. The first time I noticed clear skin was a month after starting Estrostep (birth control pills). No matter what I ate or what products I used on my face, there was NO acne. I was soooo excited and relieved! It was the best thing that could have happened to me. THEN, about 2 years later, it all went down hill as soon as I stopped taking the pill. I was at a loss because I wanted clear skin, but no longer wanted the synthetic hormones. Finally, I noticed that everytime I ate or drank certain foods and beverages, the acne would flare up severly, just days after consuming them. Once I eliminated the following items from my diet, I've had almost NO acne. I still get an occasional pimple, but it's very small and is gone in a day or two.

My list of TORTURE foods and beverages:

(1) All crunchy, salty, cheesy type snacks (Doritoes, Cheetos, Fritoes, Tortilla chips, Corn chips, Cheese curls, Potato chips (baked and fried) as well as all crackers (Ritz, Cheez-its and peanut butter stuffed)

(2) All yogurt (especially Activia).

(3) All Citrus juices (Orange, grapefruit and lemonade)...artificial lemonade is okay.

(4) Certain fruits (Pineapple and strawberries). It must be the acid.

(5) All Chocolate candy and items with chocolate in them such as cookies, ice-cream and trailmix (a cup of Hot cocoa is fine).

Cutting out all of these items was extremely difficult in the beginning because I LOVE me some Twix bars, Pink grapefruit juice and Tortilla chips with spinach dip.

But, I've made the sacrifice in order to have clear skin and I no longer waste money on expensive acne washes, toners or medications. My daily regimen consists of Olay or Ponds facial cloths (to remove makeup) and Olay moisturizer. That's it!

I hope this helps someone out there.

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