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Anyone have TMJ and Stomach Motility Disorders?

Ok I know this title sounds a bit insane but let me explain...

I was diagnosed with both at the same time and I am convinced they are related. At the same time I got muscular TMJ I started having swallowing problems which they then said was a hypotensive esophagus due to GERD. However the bloating and nausea continued and upon further testing discovered I have Gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying) but it gets even better. I went down to Mayo Clinic (the best of the best) and they found out my stomach was emptying too rapidly (Dumping Syndrome) so they are figuring out if maybe my stomach is either too hypo or hyper in emptying on any given day. Nevertheless, it is all due to a dysfunction of the vagus nerve and they cannot find a cause. The vagus nerve runs I believe from the brainstem all the way down to the lower part of your intestines and can cause autonomic dysfunction.

Well what I'm wondering is if maybe the vagus nerve is messed up and BOTH TMJ and motility stomach issues are both connected somehow. I have heard people on here state they get nauseated and I know the ear can cause this but for some without the ear doing it, maybe it is the stomach dysfunctioning as well and it's due to the vagus nerve, causing both the TMJ and stomach issues?

Are any of you with both TMJ and stomach motility disorders and/or do you have any info on this or is this just a crazy theory I have? I cannot ignore how the TMJ and stomach problems both happened at the same time, though. I can't seem to shake that there's a connection.


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