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Re: Anyone have TMJ and Stomach Motility Disorders?

I don't know much about the stomach disorders which you mention. I can only tell that just about 3 weeks after my back crowns were removed and my VDO lowered I started having the stomach problems. Back then I was not even on blended food as I am now for about 5 years. Surely enough my digestion is getting worse. I also have difficulty swallowing, constant burping which I never had in my entire life until tmj started and often discomfort even from the healthiest foods.

I have no doubts that the stomach functions are related to tmj!
I saw interesting anatomical pictures in my osteo's office. It shows how the tongue and the whole digestion system is basically hung on the hyoid bone which is strongly affected by the mandibula position, which in turn is strongly related to where the teeth are and how high.

So you are right that this coincidence was not by chance.
The problem is how to get out from the tmj nightmare??