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Re: Anyone have TMJ and Stomach Motility Disorders?

Thank you both for your responses!

Thelma L, you hit it when you talked about how there are other neurological conditions that seem to be misdiagnosed or closely related to TMJ such as MS and your C - Spine theory is very intriguing as well.

I just know that it cannot be a coincidence that my TMJ and stomach dysmotility came at the same time. It simply cannot be unrelated, I just wish I knew precisely what happened because the key to maybe helping both problems is finding out why this happened in the first place. I like your C spine theory, I think it fits. I am a bundle of muscle tension and dysfunction from the neck all the way down to the lower legs. I think this could easily affect you internally.

StillHope, do you suffer from nausea and bloating at all? I can get so bloated I feel like I am pregnant, I can hardly believe how bloated I get. Also, have you ever had a gastric emptying study to evaluate your emptying due to your digestive complaints? That's the other thing... doctors miss stomach motility disorders, especially in women, because many times they will claim anxiety or depression as a cause or they'll just go with chalking it up to GERD or doing an upper GI to rule out something obvious like a tumor. But it takes specialized testing to find out how the stomach is working and that is called a gastric emptying scan that nuclear medicine does where you eat a meal with a radioactive material and they watch the movement of the stomach, and even small and large intestine if you get the complete study. I am really wondering if more people with TMJ don't have motility issues in the stomach but they are misdiagnosed or thinking it is just GERD related?

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