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Re: Anyone have TMJ and Stomach Motility Disorders?

I bet a holistic dr or practioner could better answer your questions. My dentist has a chart in his office that lists each tooth and then across from the tooth what internal organ, what system (central nervous, neuromsucular, endocrin or lymph, etc) and muscles or muscle groups correspond to it as well as what vitamins,herbs and supplements affect them. Interestingly enough when I told him I had a bout of gout where my big toe hurt for more than 2 years - he asked if that was right after my braces had been removed - and it was - but he didn't seem surprised though.

The other issue you might want to consider is mastication - the ability or inability to chew food thoroughly as this helps with not only swallowing but digestion. The less masticated food is when swallowed the more work stomach acids need to do - if this continues over some time period it seems likely that our bodies would start to produce more stomach acids to get the job done - this in turn can be damaging and disruptive to our internal organs and other body systems.

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