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Re: Anyone else have agoraphobia?

Britt. I can strongly relate to you. I am the same yet I have grown stronger since your age, I am now 39.

I started on Xanax 1mg first of all when required. In my early 20's, I was also having the occassional drink for social relief....Developed an alcohol problem due to same condition. I am now alcohol free but as the years went on my requirement for Xanax increased.

When a good doctor began me on constant dayly use of Xanax I found releif in my drinking and panick attacks, although it took a long time to kick alcohol.

PLEASE AVOID ALCOHOL, much healthier to be on Xanax starting at 1mg twice daily.

( * email address removed by hb-mod, moderator * ) but I will skip to what I am doing now.

I have discovered a natural therapy, GABA * Instructions regarding internet search removed by hb-mod, moderator * . Taking this enhanced my calmness and effects of Xanax. GABA is required to cause calmness and your brain can't relax with any medication without it. Panick prome people are often deficient in it in their brain due to poor diet/alcohol/viruses.

I have run out of GABA and notice I feel like I felt before using it. Nervous. But in control, due to Xanax.

Now, I have withdrawn abruptly from Xanax and it is pure hell. Hospitalization for addicted people is required when it is abused. I did that and know better now.

Through research I have discovered long term users and users of Clonazepam are very happy and were weined off long term use of Xanax and were able to go back to occassional use during extreme anxiety/panick, persue a doctor or Psych. that will prescribe this, try it as a dayly use therapy as I see that you have a generalized (constant issue).

GOOD LUCK and good health.

Get a hold of GABA pure powder, don't be scared of the tingling effect in your skin that is a natural effect and is a trigger to you that you reach peak blood plasma level, which is better than not enough for use panick disorder people. * link to commercial website removed by hb-mod, moderator * It is quite cheap in America! But a little more expensive here in Australia.

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