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Unhappy I can't lose weight!

In the past did WW and lost 40 pounds and maintained it for a long time until I went back to my old eating habbits. Now I am about 20 pounds over weight and I want to lose it. I exercise 6 days a week, 3 days a week I take a spinning class and I burn between 500-600 calories based off of my HRM that I wear, and other days I either either do the ellitical trainer for a hour, walk up hill on the treadmill or the stairmaster. When I lost the weight the first time my exercise routine worked and I was losing inches like crazy the weight started to come off, but now it's not working. I can't afford to go to WW meetings and the gym and so I picked the gym over WW. I still write down everything I eat and I pay for WW etools that has all of the info that I need. The trainer at the gym said that my body is used to my routine and that I need to tried something else. But what else is there? I can't run b/c of my knees. Summer is coming and I want to enjoy it and the pool parties that we will have. Please help!

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