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Re: Other than cancer what else could it be?

I could never take the pill, everytime I tried one I'd start bleeding. My Doctor tried different ones but i still bled. He said I was hormone sensitive (whatever that means). so I gave up on them and kept my fingers (and legs) crossed. That was when I was in my 20's. During my 30's I would at times bleed during my cycle. My Doc said it is usually hormonal at that age, and like you I felt hormonal, tender breasts etc. She said if it happens 3 months in a row she investigates it. Well it didn't but it did still happen at times. I'm now 56 and haven't menstruated for 4 years so I guess it was hormonal. However, because it's rather persistant with you I'd keep looking into it until everything nasty is ruled out and you have peace of mind.