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Re: scalp tingling & pain + headaches

Has your doctor ever ordered a blood test to see if you are vitmain D deficient?

A vitamin D deficiency can cause a HOST of symptoms.
numbness and tingling in extremeties, painful numbing scalp, feels like little shards of glass are stuck in the follicles when you brush your hand over your head type of feeling. pain in joints and muslces and connective tissue, osteoporosis, teeth and gum problems, neck pain, not being able to climb up a set a stairs or anything like a small hill, etc.

I know, I've had it. it's horrible.
My pcp didn't know what was wrong for the longest time so referred me to a rheumatolgosit who dx'd me with having fibromyalgia and when that wasn't getting better, then he asked me if anyone ever ck'd my D level?
bam! he found out what it was.
after going on the "D3" supplements, the symptoms dissipated.
But you have to keep up with follow up's to retest your level. oh and dont' forget to have the calcium level tested at the same time.

I always thought it was just me who had these odd symptoms on my scalp.

Good luck and I hope you find out what's going on .