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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

I am sorry to hear about your situations. Unfortunately everyone is different with this type of cancer, my sister passed away in February after battling lung cancer for a year, she gave it a good fight. I say question the doctors constantly about what they are planning to do for you, do research on your situation if you can so you can ask them questions or have someone to go along with you on these appointments so they can keep notes etc. because I think it is overwhelming at times to do it on your own. My sister had chemo and then full brain radiation and it did give her extra time they called it remission but I always thought that ment it was gone but it also means it has stopped growing for a while. I didn't plan my trip right and I managed to fly in to see her in the hospital for only a couple of days before she passed away, she knew I was there but she couldn't talk to me anymore, her husband very much wanted her in no pain so she was getting medication all the time and that is why we couldn't communicate really but she was able to hold my hand and that gave us comfort, and knowing that she wasn't in pain made it a little easier. It was peaceful for her, she couldn't eat or drink anything anymore but the medicine took away the pain and I think that is what all of us would wish when our time comes. Try and be positive and live your lives day by day because you never know what can happen. Best of Luck.