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Re: Bloated liver, sharp pains and high depakote levels

Hi Marcia,

Thanks for all the great information. I can see that you like to manage your own healthcare and that commendable. So many people just say, "whatever my doctor tells me I believe since he is the doctor and not me." When my results came back the liver panel just said normal. I hate it when they do that because I like to see just how "normal" they are. I mean if normal is 25 on a thyroid panel and I have a 24.5, it seems rather silly to take thyroid meds the rest of my life. On the other hand if the bilirubin results run from 7-10 (guessing, I have never really lookd at them) and my results were 9.5 then I would have to say that although that is normal it is not that great either. I have been on 1,000 mg of Depakote/daily for 5 years. I take it for bipolar disorder and it is the only mood stabilizer that has ever helped me. Unfortunately it filters through the liver. I was feeling my liver tonight under my rib cage and I noticed that there are about 3 or 4 bumpy things there. They were never there before. I know I had a cyst about a year ago but they assured me it was benign and would go away on its own. I am wondering if I could have more cysts now? If you do not mind me asking you Marcia, I was wondering what type of liver disorder you have? My doctor told me I would probably get liver disease or hepatitis. He did not say what type of hepatitis. One of my friends has hepatitis C, the worst kind. She gets very sick when they give her Interferon and last time had to have all of her blood taken out, washed and put back in. Before she knew about this we used to drink from the same cup on many occasions. She got it from working at a lab before OSHA started regulations. I checked my eyes again and the yellow on the sides seems to be spreading towards the middle. my eyes look dull and far from "spakling". They are always bloodshot and sometimes turn completely red. I have no idea what that is about. Write back if you can to let me know if you know anything about this stuff. I hope everything stays well with your son. I have 2 sons and I watch them like a hawk since bipolar is hereditary. I will go and get my ultrsound this week and will let you know what they say. Thanks again, irishbookfairy