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Re: Hives and Hashimoto's

I had a friend go through something similar. I don't believe she ever got any answers, but eventually the hives did go away. I remember talking to her about it extensively and trying to figure it out. In her case, it seemed the hives corresponded with a switch in her birth control pills. However, he doctors felt that absolutely was not the cause. She, too, took all the pills you listed, however she refused the prednisone based on a previous bad experience. (FYI - prednisone is contradicted in people with hypothyroidism).

I remember her telling me she would take a bath with gentle soap, then put powder all over her body, then lay under her fan in her bedroom just praying the hives would go away. I dug out some steroid creams I had for my psoriasis and she said they did help a bit. She also convinced a doctor to prescribe her xanax, which gave her relief from the itchiness so she could sleep at night. At the time, she was also under an EXTREME amount of stress. She ultimately changed her diet, her job and began a rigorous exercise routine. Plus, she went off birth control entirely. Somewhere in there the hives disappeared and have not returned.

I know I'm not offering any answers, but I thought I'd share the experience of my friend. Hopefully you can glean a new bit of information from her story. Feel free to PM me if you have anymore specific questions I could ask her or anything.

Good luck!