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Re: Need Help ASAP! Teenage daughter has PTSD, depression, etc.

You may want to review this site and understand the laws in Florida and what your daughter's rights are.

Children entering the Juvenile Justice System
On January 1, l990, legislation was implemented that established procedures to provide substance abuse and mental health screening and, if needed, comprehensive assessment for children entering the juvenile justice system. The procedures require that each child having a juvenile justice intake must be screened for substance abuse and mental health problems. Behaviors or conditions noted during this preliminary screening would then result in referral to a designated substance abuse or mental health provider for further assessment. More information regarding this program is available at this site.

DO NOT ASSUME that a Dr that is being brought in remembers or cares to remember the details of your daughter's issues.

See if your daughter can be appointed a guardian ad litem, since she is currently receiving pyschotropic drugs. Good luck and do not "assume" that educated people that should know better, actually do.