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Re: RNP antibody

Originally Posted by Angel MJ View Post
postie ... it is so hard not to worry about the unnecessary but in this case i do not think you need to worry - the level is low enough not to be a concern.
remember that these anti bodies are a naturally occuring part of our bodies - only when the levels are high / un natural do we 'have to worry' as the complications then come!
i have lent my dr wallace book out so i cannot help on 'what they are' but hang tight & hopefully someone insightful reads & responds!

Thanks for sending me this helpful info. So basically, then it is negative for RNP antibodies, so that at least rules out MCTD? I am so thankful for that as I don't want MCTD. I had read before that for MCTD it shows high RNP antibodies.

Actually, I just bought the book by Dr. Wallace.

Thanks again!!