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Re: Anyone else have agoraphobia?

No problems Britt and anyone reading!


Honestly it worked so well.

Also I must stress I have taken a drug holiday from Prozac over the weekend. To see my recovery with re-starting GABA.

I had a marked effect in calmness and control. Yet I regret stopping the Prozac as when I was on it I was more able to cope with stressful situations and as time went on the side effects dissipated.

I know this change in ablitiy to cope with stress reduces as I have a friend who had a procedure in hospital and he had a complication for a short while, I had a very minor stress attack yet almost but not an anxiety/panick attack.

Antidepressants have been helpful most of my life and I will give the prozac a good chance, no matter the side effects. I will give it the full month and reflect on how I am responding. As we all should, we all need a balance hey.

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