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Re: Afrin No Drip decongests my nose great 12h. Will sinus surgery decongest permanen

If my sinuses had a physical malformation, Afrin wouldn't help, and the nose would be blocked all the time, right?
Afrin does provide some relief to people who have a physical malformation because it shrinks the tissues around the malformation making it easier for air to flow through the nasal passages.

Before you start thinking about surgery - which can be used to address a range of problems but also has risks and may not improve anything - you should see an Otolaryngologist (ENT Specialist) and explain your symptoms.

No doctor in his right mind would perform surgery without first performing an endoscopic exam and trying a course of medical treatment (anti-inflammatory nasal spray, sinus irrigation, antihistamines and decongestants).

Be sure to find an ENT who is experienced in treating congestion and sinus disease (some are more focused on performing rhinoplasties or treating ear problems), and consider seeing an allergist as well (I'm not sure why you say it's not pollen, it certainly sounds like allergies).