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Re: Ankle fusion surgery next month

kbear, it will usually take 12 weeks or longer before you get the bones to completely fuse. Sometimes it takes longer depending on how well you heal and how well the surgery went. After you are allowed to bear weight, it will take sometime to work out the soreness and get adjusted to the fuse. Don't be suprised if it takes longer before you can stand on it all day without much swelling and pain. I go to the orthropedic surgeon on the 29th of this month. I broke my talus 7 years ago and since then, it has developed avn and it has collapsed. I am going to have to get it fused someday. I live in constant pain. The orthropedic surgeon doesn't want to fuse it because in my case, it will be a very long and complicated event. Since my talus is bad, it will have to be removed. In your case, if they get the foot aligned straight and screw together tightly, it should fuse really good. After it heals and you recover, you should be able to walk without a limp and the pain should be minimal. Just keep in mind that it takes a good while before you will be back to normal. It is hard for your feet to heal and recover on a daily basis when we stand on them all day. Good luck and let me know how things go, I might be next.