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Re: Chronic Pain & Lower Standard of Living

Take a look at the main Pain Management board and one of the first few topics is for "People needing help paying for medications". You can also do a search online. I know that Pfizer is giving away medications for people that can not afford them or have lost their jobs. You can go to their site or call them to find out if you qualify. One of the medications that they make is called Lyrica It is non-narcotic and treats nerve pain including Sciatica. I can't believe that your doctor has not tried you on this. Your doctor might even have some samples for you to try out. However, call Pfizer and ask them if you qualify for assistance for their medications.

Another program is through Merck-Medco and they have a patient assistance program. There is alot of help and assistance out there but you have to seek it out and fill out the necessary applications or over the phone applications. I would recommend the Lyrica though because I take it for nerve pain and it helps out alot. It is alot of trial and error when it comes to finding the right medications to treat your pain. You might also want to inquire about Methadone because it is one of the cheapest pain medications around and helps nerve pain in alot of people. It is not just for treating heroine addiction. There are alot of PM doctors that are using it as well for chronic pain. Look into some of those options and let us know what happens.


p.s. Have you tried OTC ibuprofen? It is helpful for inflammation as it relatively safe at doses under 2400mg/day.

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