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Re: Mom has COPD on hospice, need advice on morphine drops

Originally Posted by Copingdaughter View Post
alittle history:
about 2 years ago mom was suffering from persistant cough, many lung xrays never showed anything. She was sent to a lung specialist who diagnosed her with a lung infection he called MAC. here's the description for MAC:
MAC (Mycobacterium Avium Complex) is a grouping of bacteria, typically inhaled or swallowed, that causes a respiratory infection similar to tuberculosis and it is treated like tuberculosis using various antibiotics, anti - bacterials and often antifungals for 18-24 months.

Mom took the antibiotics but I am not certain she completed the course.

The MAC has left permanent damage, thus.. COPD. She is undergone hip replacement and stenosis treatments. Plus several bouts of pnuemonia. Her last hospital stay was a year ago, she was in bad shape, the doctor recommended Hospice and gave her DAYS to live. She was taken off all medication and she ended up rallying and actually having some great quality time with us. Hospice has told me that this happens sometimes.

She is now in decline.. she has fallen out of her bed and is suffering all sorts of aches and pains. Her COPD has progressed and put lots of strain on her heart. Hospice has prescribed Liquid Morphine Drops. I was very hesitant to start these drops, because I have heard and read that once they start on these the decline is accelerated. I am torn between wanting to use them to make her comfortable and trying to help her work through her pain so that she doesn't take it.

When she takes the drops she is more comfortable, but she is "doped up". She has told me she wishes she didn't need them, but when the pains get too much she does ask for pain meds. She has also been extremely frustrated by her condition and says she wants to die often.

I guess I'm looking for someone that has a similar dilemma. Some advice on the morphine and hospice. When do you know it's the "right time" to start administering the morphine.
Also, any advice on VA Aid and Attendance and any advice on burial planning on a budget. I am trying to be the level headed one here, and plan ahead, since we are on a limited budget.
coping daughter. let her have the morphine. my hubby pass in Nov. with lung cander. they gave him morphine which also helped with his breating. so sorry for you. also we had a beautiful house of 30 years. it was forclose because once he got cancer the money stop. he was self-employ. we had antiques , gun collection and many more things. Iv sold them to live. we had alot of savings but it took it all. that cancer. ugly word to me. but I feel blessed. we knew we wanted to be cematted. we talk about that years ago. and I sold a corner cabnet for $2,100. and thats how much cremation cost here. one morning I sat up in bed. never thought this. and I donated his body to school of medicine. not because of money. i believe in research and science. so I got busy calling colleges. they where so nice to me. so at the time . thats what we did. my 2 girls agreed. and it cost nothing. and I feel so good that doing this. he would still be helping others . its just a shell in the grave. he will always be in my heart. my heart goes out to you. no matter what we hurt. take care and post love faye , disney world