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Cystoscopy experience

I had a cystoscopy (male) today, and I post this to help ease the fears of others as I know that the very idea of a camera going up the penis fills most men with dread. First of all, don't worry -- it is not that bad, and it is very quick.
First, I was told to take my clothes off from the waist down and put on a gown. Then I was taken into the procedure room. The nurse gave me a Cipro pill to take (for me that was the worst part, because Cipro makes me feel like crap) and then she seated me in the procedure chair and cleaned the area. She used a large syringe without the needle to squeeze some antisthetic gel into my urethra. This was not painful. Just a very mild pinching or burning feeling at first. About five to ten minutes later, the urologist came in and did the test. When the scope first enters you feel a slight sting but it really does not hurt. Moving the scope down the urethra feels a bit weird, but it isn't painful either. Going over the prostate and into the bladder feels like quick pinch. I wouldn't say that it hurt, but it doesn't feel good. Then he checked the bladder and came back out. I didn't really feel any pain and it was done in less than 5 minutes. The most I can say is that it is a strange feeling but if the urologist is good, it isn't bad at all. And I was very nervous. In fact, had I been less nervous, it would have even been easier because a couple of times he had to tell me to relax. I wouldn't be too worried if I had to ever do this test again.

Doctor gave me the results right there: all normal (he thought I might have a stricture).

I did not need to urinate so I hopped on the subway for my one hour ride home. I could feel some burning in my penis as the antisthetic wore off but nothing unbearable. I drank some water on the train and was worrying the whole way home about that first tinkle. Well, I peed first thing when I got home and it wasn't too bad. It stung a little at the tip of the wiener, but was certainly not unbearable. Urine looked normal. No blood.

I do feel a bit tired now; probably from the anxiety of the day and the freaking Cipro.

Bottom line: if you need to have this test, don't worry. It is not as bad as you think it is

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