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Re: femoral nerve damage pain

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Dear vlaud
Have you had a nerve conduction study? This will indicate how much nerve impulse there is. It sounds like the lateral peripheral nerves were involved. In my case the primary femoral nerve was damaged closest to the spine.
Tell your doctor that you want him to do the nerve conduction study.
The first procedure I had was a nerve block to the peripheral femoral nerves. It involves a steroidal injection. It did help for a few months, but my underlying problem is more complicated and it was causing inflamation around the femoral nerves.
Aside from that I have been taking a high dose of Bvitamins.

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I know the frustration you must feel. I hope this information helps.
Dear pain never ends. I wish I could call you pain has ended.How have you managed to deal with the pain for so long. I'm taking all kinds of medications to deal with the pain and the thought of having to stay on them long term scares me. I can't stop thinking what it could be doing to my liver and kidneys. I did have a nerve conduction study 3 weeks after the surgery and it showed denervation of the vastus medialis,hip adductors,illopsoas and facia latae. No femoral motor response was obtained. And no motor unit potentials. The paraspinals were not tested due to recent surgery. What is your activity level. Do you have to wear a brace. Is the nerve block just to treat the pain?
I really appreciate your reply. All we can do is hope for better.