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Question on possible brain damage


I've been pondering this for a while tonight (And the basic idea for several months) but roughly 1-2 years back I got into a fight, long story short I got punched in the head. Unfortuantly for me my head got slammed into the corner of the sidewalk and against a cars wheel rim. The area between the punch connecting and me getting up is a gray area and I can't really remember a damn thing about it.

Now that I've explained what happened what I would like to know is if its possible I have brain damage. I used to love music, I still listen to it but it is not what it was like before. After this happened I seemed to loose that feeling.

I've also noticed a lack of moods. I mean, I do get them but only if something extreme happens. This could be because of energy drinks and soda, but I'm unsure if that is the case. I don't get very happy anymore or sad, its just like a gray area.

This happened when I was around 16, I'm 18 now.

Just throwing my question out there, hope it gets answered, probably nothing but I am just curious .

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