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Re: Question on possible brain damage

It's certainly possible. People with head injuries can have personality changes. OTOH, your body chemistry has probably changed between ages 16-18 and you may just have mellowed a little.

What symptoms did you have at the time of the injury? (Ouch- it hurts just reading the description.) That sounds rough enough to cause a concussion and likely a subdural hematoma (bleeding into the brain). Did you have nausea or a splitting headache for days later? Did you see a doctor? My husband had a fall with a subdural hematoma- he slipped on ice and hit the back of his head, which is why I know about this stuff.

These types of injuries can be cumulative, which is why a high-school football player who gets a concussion is usually told not to play again for a long time, or even never again. You need to avoid situations where you might hit your head again. You're probably too young to remember the great boxer Mohammed Ali, but I saw him in an airport about 10 years ago. He was hanging onto the arm of an attendant and shuffling, and looked like only half his brain was in this world. People would come over to shake his hand and he'd smile and nod, and go on. You don't want to end up like that.