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Re: Question on possible brain damage

I hit the back button.. lets re-type this.

Anyway, I don't recall having a headache. I do recall having a memory issue at the time. Pretty sure for a second there I didn't remember who I was (infact, I'm certain of it since I don't recall anything when punched and when I got up.)

I remember being disoriented and confused, hell I think I even forgot I was punched or perhaps I was just in shock.

Yes, I did go to the hospital. I was forced to wait in the ER for a opening for a good hour or two. The doctor who helped me did a ****-poor job and shoved me off to the side after some basic questions and said I was fine.

I don't think they even thought of the possibility that I had a concussion or anything. They just treated my nose and gave me permission to go get a X-Ray of my hand since it was stiff. (Still not sure what happened with the hand..)

At the time I had a constant pulsing in between my skull at, I believe it was the growth plate since I have no idea what it is. There is a vertical line starting right above my nose and goes up to around my hairline and then appears to vanish. At the time I thought it was a crack because it was pulsing. Still not sure what the heck it is, probably just a growth plate. There is still some sort of pressure there.

Actually I can't really say they treated my nose either unless you count being given ice and being told to push it back in place being treated. I later found out I had a inverted septum and had to have plastic surgery to get it back in place. If I recall right this would not have been required if it had been straightened out when the incident happened. Could be wrong though.

Meh. To much talk about how I hate that doctor.

Anyway, I don't believe I ever got examined for a concussion or anything. They might have thought I was over-reacting or lying about the head injury. No idea. At the time I didn't really understand what was happening, well. I did, but since I had never been in that situation before I didn't really know what they should have been doing and checking.

Long, long post .