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Re: Question on possible brain damage

Wow- sounds like you got pretty cursory "treatment" at the hospital. I think they paid more attention to my husband because he was 68, and probably because we had good insurance. (Yeah, I'm cynical about doctors and hospitals, too, even though my uncle and sister are docs.) They actually kept him overnight.

You do need to be careful about head injuries from now on. There was a very sad case in our area- a high school football player who had a concussion and was told not to play for the rest of the season. Somehow he ended up in practice- and slammed his head again. The cumulative effect was so bad that he has permanent cognitive changes- he gets angry a lot and he can't do his schoolwork. I suspect the family collected lots of $$$$ in a lawsuit against the school board, but their son will never be able to live independently.

So stay away from that guy who punched you!

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