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Re: Please help! Septoplasty and sinus surgery 3 weeks ago...feel worse!

Dear Avalonrose..I hope you still check your post and replys. How are you feeling now, in June?

The reason I reply is because I had revision rhinoplasty and perforated septum surgery 3 weeks ago and my nose feels so heavy. I have searched and searched for anything online that relates to that, but noone seems to have had this feeling. My nose weighs about 1000 pounds. I am still so stuffed up also.

I am trying to be patient, however, this heavy feeling (my mouth/lip area is also numb as that is where the doctor had to take cartlidge/membraines? out to help repair the perforated septum) doesn't seem to be a normal healing situation, at least not that I can find/read.

I don't think this heavy feeling is normal. Everyone posts that all was well after 2 weeks...bruising gone, swelling down. I feel like I've been hit in the face with a brick.

Has anyone had this risidual effect? I know it's early in the healing process, but again, can't seem to locate anyone who has had this heavy feeling after surgery.

Please advise.