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Re: feb mommies

Hi Lucii & other Feb mommies!

I also just got my bfp after about 6 months of trying. By my calculations, due date is Feb. 18th. I have a 3yr dd also. She was also planned so I knew I was pg around 4 weeks also. It's gonna be another long pregnancy, but hopefully not an eventful one

My ob doesn't see her patients until around the 12th week so even that'll be a while away. I did go to my primary doc today to get bloodwork done. I developed a thyroid condition about 6 months after dd was born but about 6 months ago, doc took me off of the synthroid. All it did was give me heart palpatations and kept me up in the middle of the night. Doc said I was one of the few that got a temporary thyroid problem. I'm double-checking just to make sure it hasn't resurfaced.

I have been taking the prenatal vitamins though. I bought the Target brand "just like Stuart prenatal" ones. They are easy to swallow and easy on the stomach.

Hopefully, we'll all have uneventful pregnancies. Take care!