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Angry for the past 6 months and need help

Hi all,

Like most of you, we all have anger management issues. I lost my job last November and couldn't find anything up until April, which I love my current job very much. Unfortunately, during my time off, I was finding myself growing very irritated with life. I was kind of sour with how my company laid me off, and even more sour that I couldn't find a job because of these tough economic times.

Like most people, when they feel bad about themselves, they try looking for things in life that make them happy. Two of those things were my wife and an online interactive game called World of Warcraft. Both my wife and I played that game 60 hours plus per week, never going out experiencing the outside world each week b/c we didn't have a lot of money seeing that I lost a job and we were in debt from our wedding.

Over the past months I have been growing really jealous of a person that she met via this video game, where she has been getting closer and closer each day. She now talks to him almost every other day for over 2 hours. The guy is really ugly and has 2 kids and is an alcoholic, but I feel like he's a threat that she is talking to him so much. I have been yelling at her almost everyday since May about how close they have been getting and accusing her of having a crush on him. I've accused her of sleeping with him and having romantic relations with him behind my back.

I know at times I have been overreacting about this situation, because she feels like she doesn't have any friends, but it just seems like she was spending more time on the computer or phone or internet talking to him than me. Was it right for me to be angry with her? I'm worried that she has feelings for him, because in the past she has been engaged with two other guys before, but ended the relationships because she cheated on one, and the other she didn't get along with her future mother in law. I know I shouldn't lash out on her for doing something that I am unsure was right or wrong on her behalf, but how do I stop lashing out on people? Also keep in mind we have been separated for the past 8 weeks and it has gotten worse and worse. I have added new medication, I went to a behavioral center for 3 days and had a plan of action to deal with this, but it seems like she is just being difficult and it makes me so mad! How do i stop?

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

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