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Re: Need exercises post surgery, Gastroc Recession

Ah... great timing. I've been looking for someone that had this procedure done, by itself without the reconstructions. My doctor suggested a gastroc release (have flat feet, torn arch, heel pain, etc) and I am scheduled for one in august. I can't seem to find too much info except for medical journals and stuff. I'd love to hear any and all information about yours. He basically just said he'll make a small incision, and cut the sheath around the muscle. 10 days in a surgical splint, 10-14 more in a boot, and then pt following it. We're/Are you on crutches? How's the pain? How much time off from work? And if you have any idea of the cost, as I havent asked the surgeon yet? I wouldn't wish anyone had surgery, but would love it if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience. And I would also be interested in exercises people did after surgery and how long they were in physical therapy.