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Re: Beauty out the window! Anyone else have major facial hollowness?

Originally Posted by Merricat View Post
Bryan - I live in NH and am considering a trip to Tufts because of my TMD. Unfortunately, my insurance will not cover anything - the initial visit or treatments. Do you mind me me asking who you have insurance with? It would be worth buying additional insurance, if possible, in order to get some coverage for these visits.

I currently have insurance with Blue Cross MA, and they cover most of the treatment. The only thing I have to pay for out-of-pocket are a percentage of the appliances (I think so far $325 total). I HIGHLY suggest you get insurance for this, because visits get extremely expensive, but Tufts has definitely been the most expert in this condition in my opinion. I'm sure you have done your research, but I would consider at least getting a consultation with a doctor at Tufts. I still continue my treatment there and have been for about a year now so maybe I will run into you some day. Good luck!