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Re: feb mommies

Congrats Honeydiet. You're due a day before me. We have a long wait ahead.
My first symptom, which was the same as first pg, is constipation. I cannot eat enough fresh fruit to help, lol. It was so bad last time doc wrote me a prescription for Miralax. I'm praying it doesn't get this bad this time.

I have to be honest- I'm a little nervous being pg again. I developed about 6 fibroids while I was pg the first time and they caused all sorts of problems (bouts of major pain, preterm labor). The pain I had during labor was actually minor to the pains I had during pg. I'm just praying that my hormones don't have the same effect. Last we checked, I was down to 3 fibroids and 2 of them were calcified (dead).

On a good note, doc said my thyroid levels were perfect. Called the ob to make my first appointment. I'm actually going in at 8 weeks for the u/s and 9 weeks to see the doc. She must've changed up since the last time cause it used to be 12 weeks.

Take care February mommies, and take those vitamins!