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Re: feb mommies

hiya honeydiet congrats and welcome! sorry to hear your so scared about m/c. Its hard not to think about it, but just take it easy as possible and hopfully all will be ok

myloathe glad to hear those thyroid levels are good. oo as if you get a u/s at 8 weeks, i have to wait till 12-14 weeks for mine! i just want to know all is ok.

just wondering what symptoms everyone has atm?

I got a little worried last night. I went to p and when i wiped there was a little bit of brown blood. i have my daughter in bed so i didnt ring up or go to hospital because i had no one to watch her, and if id woke her to take her i would have been sooo stressed with a grumpy 17 month old! I went straight to bed, and this morn all is ok. If i see it any more i am going to go in though.fingers crossed it was nothing!

lucii xx