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Re: feb mommies

I guess I am joining your Feb mommies group =) I have two dd's (10 and 7) and wow is this a surprise LOL I have a few concerns though...

I have SVT and have been on Toprol for about 6 years now. I also take Celexa for anxiety. I am not worried about the Celexa b/c I can live without that, but not so sure about the Toprol.

I have to call the perinatologist first thing in the morning to get in asap. Please say a prayer for me that everything will work out. I really want this baby, it will be my fiance's first and he is thrilled as heck of course.

Anyone else have any problems like this before? On an important med when you conceived???

Congrats to all that are here =) Btw, I am VERY prego lol I am TIRED, hard to keep eyes open, every smell bothers me, and nauseous and/or puking just about 24/7... not fun at all yet lol

oh, and my due date, if my dates are correct, is Feb 27th. Won't know for sure until I have a scan done though.