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Unhappy HELP! What is wrong with her vagina?

I've been with my girlfriend for a while now and she's great and all, but something seriously evil is going on between her legs. I mean, it's absolutely rancid and I can even smell it through her jeans, sometimes from a few metres away! We rarely have sex these days as I find myself stretching my nose towards the ceiling as far away as possible. Even after sex it manages to cling onto my fingers and penis for hours resulting in me not wanting to touch food or the TV remote.

I have never before been repulsed, to this extent, by a vagina. Why can't she smell it when it's only 2 feet away from her face? And why does she leave her brown/red stained underwear around the room? Is that related? It's all very strange as she is a very sensitive girl who gets embarrassed easily, yet doesn't seem to notice a problem. If that was my vagina I would not go out in public until I had scrubbed and disinfected it.

A while ago I made her go to the doctor because she was complaining of discomfort during sex. I was so happy because I thought the doctor would take a whiff and then medicate her, but later that night she came home and exclaimed that she was diagnosed as 100% healthy! I could not believe it! What is a guy to do??? I can't tell her to wash down there because I know she already does, besides, she'll probably cry. Maybe I can pop some medicine into her soup? I can no longer stomach this abuse of the senses, and if it continues I'm afraid I may need to break it off. Please help me...

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