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Re: Fibromyalgia/herpes virus

Hi anrolrerah,
Ive had herpies for over 40 years, use to break out with them all over my face, up my nose and down my throat, the doctors werent sure what it was at first. After years of constant breakouts they finally said herpies then said not contageous and never treated me for it(was in the early 70's). I realized at 20 that Im allergic to oranges and anything with orange in it as it always causes me to break out with herpies, found this out purly by accident. I can take vitamin c from rose hips but not the normal citric c. When I was in my thirties I tried lysine several times it only made it worse, dont know why. It wasnt till 2 years ago I was finally treated for them as I now have herpies in my spinal column. I take Aciclvor, which has really helped. At first was on a large dose of it, but now I take a maintence dose and havent had an outbreak for over a year. You might want to go back to your doctor if its not working to try something else.
Hope you get some relief soon.