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Re: nothing works

I understand what you mean too. I used to have really poor body image problems and used to physically hurt myself because I was not happy. Is there anyone you can talk to that you trust? I used to talk to a counselor about it and realized I had a few underlying issues causing me sadness. I am also a pretty anxious person. After being depressed for years, I decided that I needed to do something about it since it was getting worse. Eventually, I hope you can find the same thing too, because it only gets harder and harder.

My counselor recommended that I exercise more not just for my health, but to calm myself down and improve my self confidence. I used to work out 3 times a week and upped it to 5 times a week and made it more challenging. It really, really helped me. I run and gave up walking and the elliptical because they weren't working for me. I made it a PRIORITY. I wasn't getting a lot of sleep, but the exercise still helped me feel much better. I had to make it a late night workout at that time, but it was SO worth it! What kind of activity do you get now? You might want to try something new that you enjoy!

As the pills, try to remember that most don't work and some that do have negative side effects. Plus, you will gain back the weight if you stop taking them. Just try to remember this!

You also might want to try journaling. Write down about what made you feel bad that day and write down anything good that happens. Keep track of your feelings and if you found anything that helped you feel better. This is a great option if you can't go to counseling for whatever reason.

Best of luck to you!!! I'd love to give you any other advice if you have already tried these things.