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Re: feb mommies

HI there .. anyone mind if I join? Im still waiting for an ultrasound to figure out how far along I really am. At the minute my doctor and I are guessing Im 7weeks with a due date of Feb 10th. Not sure how accurate that is seeing as I was never one to keep a date of my last period. My husband and I werent planning on trying for a baby until September but are very happy to be where we are at the minute. Im still really nervous, always wondering if theres still a baby in my belly. I have a little pouch and have nausea but no vomiting, I guess thats a good thing. I also have had really tender breasts. This is my first pregnancy so Im sure everyone out there knows what thats like, always wondering. I dont know if Ive really gotten my head around the whole parenting thing. Its really overwhelming. Like others Ive had the miscarriage scare which I still think about a lot and then my sister in law calls yesterday and tells me to look out for preeclampsia in the third trimester which is really messing me up. Anyway, just taking one day at a time and will see how it goes. Congratulations to all of you mommies to be