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Re: scalp tingling & pain + headaches

Thank Goodness you realized you'd stopped taking your supplement of D and calcium. You're personal experience on testing it yourself is testimony alone.
isn't it wonderful when we can actually experience things that others tell us to try and we see it really works? I'm a very skeptical person when it comes to taking supplements and or diets, etc.
so when I found out for myself that it really was lack of D why I was feeling so horrible. My body was wasting away because it was so low.

It really is so true how wonderful this miracle vitamin is.

so many people world wide have a deficiency in it and the medical teams are just learning how important D is needed for our bodies and organs to function properly. I never believed in taking supplements and vitamins till I had to take it by my doctor.

they have found out in studies that people who have colon and breast cancer were vitamin D deficient. so they're saying there's a link between D vitamin and cancers. I'm sure you know all of this by now. right?

just thought I'd throw it in anyway.
I really am so happy for you Pam.
Keep up the good work and there's nothing better in life than having a healthy body and serene mind.