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Cool need help PLEASE.Sinusitus? or?

hi there.My first post.My name is Kevin,36 year old male.I do not drink smoke or do drugs.Otherwise healthy male.

For the last 5 days I have been getting more dizzy and "spaced out". My head hurts (pressure) eyes hurt-feel tired and achy,full of pressure as well as my ears. I also have some nausea with NO throwing up-I think it might be a bad bout of Sinisitus? I go for an XRAY Saturday.

I am on Cipro for Prostititus and just started Cefpozil 500 mg 2 times per day for 10 days. My sinuses are very dry and I feel pressure all over my face. Very dizzy.Headaches sometimes but not all the time. I missed work again today.

It started with ears feeling pressure and hurting with a sense of fullness. It spread to my face and nose and eyes. 5 days now..getting worse. I feel stoned. I have had Sinus infections before but not this bad with so much dizziness/pressure etc..

Thing is I have post nasal drip and almost NO MUCOUS from my nose as it is very dry. I even tried to use the nasal spay Nasonex and that is not doing anything. Even the SINU-CLEANSE 3 TIMES YESTERDAY did not do anything.

I am drinking a lot of water, resting etc.. nothing is helping yet.

I thought with a sinus infection you get more headaches and a lot of nasal discharge of various colors?

I hope this is only a sinus infection? Dr. said ears were clear/good. Blood pressure good and blood work normal. But I am very diizy-spaced out with pressure in my head/eyes/nose/face etc...

ANY IDEAS? Thanks and God Bless! Kevin.

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